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Every musical genre in my recent tracks. This page was generated with the Spotify API , please read our full disclosure on our use of this data.

423 musical-genres found on Ben Strawbridge Dot Com Consulting

abstract beats3 abstract hip hop1 acid rock1 acoustic blues4 acoustic punk1 adult standards2 african-american classical1 afrobeat2 afrofuturism3 afropop2 album rock9 alternative country6 alternative hip hop12 alternative metal1 alternative r&b1 alternative rock28 ambient1 ambient folk1 ambient idm1 american folk revival3 american modern classical1 american orchestra1 american post-punk1 anti-folk1 appalachian folk1 argentine hip hop1 art pop2 art punk7 art rock3 asian american hip hop1 athens indie2 atl hip hop2 austrian classical piano1 avant-garde1 avant-garde jazz6 background piano1 balkan classical piano2 baltimore indie1 baroque2 baroque pop1 bay area indie1 bboy1 bebop51 bluegrass1 blues14 blues rock10 boston rock1 brass band1 brill building pop1 bristol indie1 british alternative rock1 british blues2 british classical piano4 british folk5 british invasion4 british jazz1 british modern classical1 british orchestra3 bronx hip hop1 brooklyn indie1 cali rap2 canadian classical piano2 canadian contemporary r&b1 canadian old school hip hop1 canadian singer-songwriter2 canterbury scene1 caucasian classical piano1 chamber ensemble1 chamber orchestra1 chamber pop8 chamber psych1 chanson1 chapel hill sound1 chicago blues6 chicago hardcore1 chicago indie1 chicago punk2 chicago rap2 chicago soul2 chicano rap1 chillhop2 chinese classical performance2 chinese classical piano2 classic canadian rock1 classic rock18 classic soul9 classic texas country1 classical19 classical cello2 classical clarinet1 classical era4 classical flute2 classical oboe1 classical performance12 classical piano30 collage pop1 colombian pop1 compositional ambient1 conscious hip hop8 contemporary classical1 contemporary country1 contemporary jazz2 contemporary post-bop34 cool jazz13 cosmic american2 country blues1 country rock6 cowpunk2 crank wave3 crunk1 czech classical piano1 dance pop2 dance rock3 dance-punk1 dc hardcore1 delta blues3 denton tx indie1 desert blues1 detroit hip hop1 detroit indie1 detroit rock1 dirty south rap2 disco3 downtempo bass4 dream pop1 drone folk1 dub7 dub poetry1 dusseldorf electronic2 dusseldorf indie1 early modern classical3 early music2 early reggae1 early romantic era3 early us punk2 east coast hip hop17 east coast reggae1 ecm-style jazz4 electric bass4 electric blues7 electropop1 elephant 62 ethio-jazz1 experimental7 experimental ambient1 experimental indie1 experimental indie rock3 experimental pop1 experimental rock14 flamenco1 flamenco guitar1 float house1 focus beats1 folk22 folk rock16 folktronica1 fourth world1 free improvisation1 free jazz10 french classical piano3 french orchestra1 funk6 funk metal2 funk rock5 g funk3 gangster rap7 garage rock2 gbvfi3 german baroque1 german classical piano2 german electronica1 german jazz rap1 german romanticism3 girl group1 glam rock3 glitch hop3 golden age hip hop7 grave wave1 grunge8 hammond organ1 hard bop32 hard rock4 hardcore hip hop9 hardcore punk4 harlem hip hop1 harlem renaissance2 harmonica blues5 harpsichord2 heartland rock1 hindustani classical1 hip hop25 historic piano performance1 hungarian classical performance1 hungarian classical piano2 hyphy1 hypnagogic pop1 impressionism2 indian classical1 indian fusion1 indian jazz1 indie folk1 indie jazz3 indie rock5 indie soul4 indietronica1 industrial1 industrial hip hop1 industrial rock3 instrumental funk5 instrumental rock1 instrumental soul2 intelligent dance music1 israeli classical piano2 italian baroque1 italian romanticism1 jam band4 jamaican ska1 japanese beats2 japanese classical performance1 japanese classical piano1 japanese psychedelic1 jazz60 jazz blues5 jazz boom bap7 jazz clarinet1 jazz double bass3 jazz drums5 jazz funk8 jazz fusion13 jazz guitar12 jazz guitar trio1 jazz organ1 jazz piano19 jazz quartet8 jazz rap7 jazz rock1 jazz saxophone16 jazz trio12 jazz trumpet6 jazzcore1 krautrock1 laboratorio1 late romantic era4 lo-fi10 lo-fi beats2 lo-fi latino1 louisiana blues3 lovers rock2 madchester1 malian blues1 math rock3 melancholia4 mellow gold11 melodic rap1 memphis blues4 memphis soul16 metropopolis1 miami indie1 microhouse3 microtonal1 minimal tech house2 minimal techno3 minimalism1 modern alternative rock1 modern blues rock1 modern dream pop1 modern indie pop1 modern jazz piano1 modern old-time1 modern rock3 modern southern rock2 motown2 musica de fondo1 nashville singer-songwriter1 native american traditional1 neo mellow1 neo r&b2 neo soul2 neo-kraut1 neo-psychedelic3 neoclassicism1 new americana6 new orleans americana1 new orleans funk1 new romantic2 new wave4 new wave pop3 new weird america1 no wave5 noise pop10 noise rock13 nordic classical piano4 norwegian classical1 nu metal1 oakland hip hop2 ocean1 old school atlanta hip hop2 old school dancehall3 old school hip hop5 old-time1 olympia wa indie1 orchestra6 orchestral performance2 orkiestra symfoniczna1 outlaw country2 outsider1 p funk2 permanent wave11 philly indie1 philly rap1 political hip hop4 pop1 pop rap2 pop reggaeton1 pop venezolano1 popping1 portland punk1 post-disco2 post-grunge1 post-hardcore11 post-punk18 post-rock1 post-romantic era3 pov: indie1 power pop2 progressive bluegrass3 progressive rock1 proto-metal1 protopunk4 psychedelic folk2 psychedelic hip hop2 psychedelic punk1 psychedelic rock6 psychedelic soul1 psychobilly1 punk12 punk blues3 queens hip hop4 queer country1 quiet storm3 rap10 rap rock3 reggae12 reggae fusion3 reggae rock1 reggaeton2 reggaeton colombiano1 rhythm and blues1 rock24 rocksteady5 romanian classical piano1 roots reggae11 roots rock7 rumba1 russian classical piano11 russian modern classical1 russian romanticism2 rva indie1 scottish indie1 scottish rock1 scottish singer-songwriter2 scratch1 shoegaze5 singer-songwriter22 singer-songwriter pop1 ska1 ska mexicano1 ska punk1 slacker rock6 slam poetry1 slowcore1 soft rock9 solo wave1 soul16 soul blues5 soul jazz5 southern hip hop2 southern rock4 southern soul16 spiritual jazz1 spytrack1 stomp and holler2 straight-ahead jazz1 stride1 sunshine pop1 supergroup2 swamp blues2 swamp rock2 swing2 symfonicky orchestr1 synth punk1 synthpop1 tape club1 techno1 texas blues2 texas punk1 torch song3 totalism1 traditional blues11 traditional folk1 trap1 trap argentino2 trap latino5 trip hop3 turkish classical performance1 turntablism1 uk contemporary jazz1 uk hip hop1 uk post-punk5 ukrainian classical2 ukrainian classical piano2 ukrainian contemporary classical1 underground grunge1 urbano latino5 victorian britain1 vocal jazz10 water1 west coast rap7 western americana1 whale song1 world3 yacht rock2 zolo3