Hugo Snippets

Get the first of something in a collection

For example the first jpg image in the current directory starting with the word feature.

{{ $first := index (.Page.Resources.Match "feature*.jpg") 0 }}

Get a param from either hugo.toml or front matter

For example, you have a variable set in hugo.toml, but you want a section to be different.

  logo_title = 'Home'

In front matter the logo_title is overridden and takes precedence on the page.

logo_title = 'Posts'
{{ with .Param "logo_title" }}
<h1>{{ . }}</h1>
{{- end -}}

Split, append to and rejoin a string

I’ve always found it easier and cleaner to work with arrays than strings when I need to add or remove things from them. In this case I have my tailwindcss classes for the header in a string, space seperated of course.

{{ $headerClass := split "bg-gradient-to-r from-cyan-500 to-cyan-800" " " }} 

First you split it and it become a list. Now you can easily run through a bunch of configurable params to see if they need to be added to the header classes and add them with append.

{{ $headerClass = $headerClass | append . }}

Finally, when you are done manipulating the hugo collection, just turn it back into a string with delimit.

{{ $headerClass = delimit $headerClass " " }}