The projects section is a mix of case studies of professional projects I have worked on, that I have permission to write about, and personal areas of exploration on-line and otherwise. Some of these projects may be monetized in some way at some time, others are entirely open source.


One of my greatest joys is being outdoors in a wide open space with nothing made by man in sight. At times, I do have to come back to reality, and occasionally when I do, I will share routes, guides, maps, and from time to time, gear recommendations.

Ironcove Solutions Orchestration Engine

Workforce Onboarding: A Case Study of Ironcove Solutions’ Orchestration Engine I was hired by Ironcove Solutions to lead product development for a new application they were developing called the Orchestration Engine, an application designed to streamline workforce onboarding processes.

The Ryder Theme for Hugo

Introducing the Ryder theme, a theme for the hugo static website generator. This is the first hugo theme I have written from scratch, and it has been a lot of fun doing it.

Pick a Square Game

Pick a Square, any Square! Only $n a square! Step right up folks and get your lucky square. This was kind of a challenge from a friend of mine. He wanted squares for an event that was a website - html, not an image, that could be used on a big screen at a venue AND printed out on a poster OR standard paper all in one url, just works for all of those.

info In Active Development: Is a business?, a collective?, a gallery?... we're not sure, but we are going to try to find out! is the first domain I ever purchased.


Recipes I have collected, created or modified over the years. I get very frustrated by the recipe websites out there today. The ones that dominate in the search results are usually SEO over-engineered pages with too-long content describing all sorts of different things you really don’t care about, with too many confusing ads mixed-in.