Federal Disaster Emergency Preparedness Kit Digitized

Digital Federal Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK)

Digital Federal Financial First Aid Kit

Digital Federal Financial First Aid Kit

Be prepared for the worst case scenario with an encrypted grab and go device the size of bic lighter.

Our team can come to your location with scanners and secure digital keys for each of your participants to use. Our scanners are not connected to the internet and we ensure privacy across all process that all scanned documents are only permanently stored on the encrypted secure key provided.

Participants fill out the EFFAK fillable form PDF{:target="_blank"} directly on the storage in the digital key, and upon saving the form the data from the form is built into an entirely static website on the key with an index page and a beutiful easy to use interface connecting the participant to all of their most important financial documents directly and securely.

User Interface

For the participant to enter the information we use a form designed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) which they provide as a fillable PDF document. This form incorporates all of the major areas the most people should consider for financial security in the case of a catostrophic disaster.

On top of the EFFAK, when you engage our custom services we can build any additional forms and layers for custom needs, including importer to import from databases, spreadsheets or even flat files.

Once filled, the data from the pdf is transpiled through a build process using the Hugo open source static website generation software into a clean, searchable, indexed interface to find all of this information.



Digital Wallet

You can optionally include a offline digital wallet on your device to store any digital assets you may own securely, and off-chain, completely unreachable and therefore unhackable.