The Ryder Theme for Hugo

In honor of this old guy
In honor of this old guy

Introducing the Ryder theme, a theme for the hugo static website generator. This is an open-source Hugo theme boasting Tailwind CSS, FontAwesome integration, and customizable features. Perfect for beginners and seasoned developers alike, kickstart your website with this versatile theme.

This is the first hugo theme I have written from scratch, and it has been a lot of fun doing it. My goal for this theme is to include all of the website features I needed for this website, plus a bunch of extras I need for client websites or for other users of this theme.

As this was (is) a learning project for me, I hope this theme will be a starting point for others learning to write their own themes as well. It could be a good boilerplate to build your own custom website around.

Open Source

This is an open source project, licensed under the MIT software license. Being a permissive software license means that anyone may use it for any purpose they like, commercial or otherwise, with no attribution required. The license grants permission for users to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the software. The only rule is that users must include a copy of the MIT License and the copyright notice in all copies of the software.


  • Tailwind CSS utility framework installed and configured
  • FontAwesome integrated, with shortcode
  • Alert / Notification / Banner partial and shortcode
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Table of Contents navigation for articles
  • Dark Theme and custom toggler
  • Debugger panel
  • Logo partial to easily include html or image based logos
  • Image conversion / optimization partial
  • Tags taxonomy
  • Custom / Customizable header / footer elements
  • Special “Hidden” layout to use to hide a page with a simple message.
  • Custom RSS styling