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S.A.D. 😩

You can’t automate a SLO for look and feel. Or can you?

Screenshot-a-day service. takes a screen shot every n units of time and adds a frame to a gif which you can host.

Github Action to Create New Content in Hugo

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This is what it looks like
This is what it looks like

I use Hugo a lot for my web development work, and I think it is pretty great. The one problem with it for many non-technical people I work with is that there is no CMS feature, they want a website administration page where they can do the usual.

Ironcove Solutions Orchestration Engine

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Workforce Onboarding: A Case Study of Ironcove Solutions’ Orchestration Engine

I was hired by Ironcove Solutions to lead product development for a new application they were developing called the Orchestration Engine, an application designed to streamline workforce onboarding processes. We collaborated closely with the team from Ironcove Solutions to bring their vision to life.