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The Ryder Theme for Hugo

Introducing the Ryder theme, a theme for the hugo static website generator. This is the first hugo theme I have written from scratch, and it has been a lot of fun doing it.

Styling a RSS feed With XSL

When you put a link to your rss / atom feed on your website it is a link to a raw xml file designed for feed readers such as feedly to import them and provide the reader with all their internet in one place.

Tunnel Localhost Server Through Cloudflare

This is something I have done in the past and it usually involved pretty in-depth knowledge of the shell and networking, but now there is a free service that makes it oh-so-easy to spin up a tunnel with a public human readable domain name for temporary viewing of your local network development environment on the internet.

Github Action to Create New Content in Hugo

I am using Hugo for some of the websites I have made, and I think it is pretty great. The one problem with it for many non-technical people I work with is that there is no CMS feature, they want a website administration page where they can do the usual.

Hugo Helpers

Here are some useful partials I use in this theme. layouts/_default/_markup/render-image.html This replaces the default markup template for rendering an image when the markdown code !