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Check out the new Ingredients Taxonomy pages

Using Taxonomy effectively

As part of the recipe template configuration being developed for The Ryder Theme for Hugo websites, a new taxonomy is created for ingredients. Ingredients are not the same as recipeIngredients; they are defined as an array in the front matter. I didn’t want a taxonomy page generated for every single recipe ingredient, so I created a separate variable. The recipeIngredients are used to display the ingredients on the page and for the recipe schema, ensuring the pages are properly displayed as recipe rich results in Google and other search engines.

Recipe Template for Ryder Theme

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Optimize Recipe Content with the Schema

The recipe templates for The Ryder Theme for Hugo websites are progressing well. Today I released an update that creates the json-ld specification tags for a recipe. This allows your recipe content to show up as “rich content” in search engines and social media platforms.