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Adding Leaflet to Ryder Theme

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I made this quick and easy shortcode to get started using leaflet.js in the Ryder Theme for Hugo Websites, as I add more features supported by leaflet to the shortcode I might update this page.

Recipe Template for Ryder Theme

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Optimize Recipe Content with the Schema

The recipe templates for The Ryder Theme for Hugo websites are progressing well. Today I released an update that creates the schema.org json-ld specification tags for a recipe. This allows your recipe content to show up as “rich content” in search engines and social media platforms.

Home Feed Filtering and Colorization

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Limit your home page feed by Section, Category or Tag

You can now set params in your hugo.toml file to keep any pesky pages off your homepage that you may not wish to promote for whatever reason.

The Ryder Theme for Hugo

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In honor of this old guy
In honor of this old guy

Introducing the Ryder theme, a theme for the hugo static website generator. This is an open-source Hugo theme boasting Tailwind CSS, FontAwesome integration, and customizable features. Perfect for beginners and seasoned developers alike, kickstart your website with this versatile theme.