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Github Action to Create New Content in Hugo

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This is what it looks like
This is what it looks like

I use Hugo a lot for my web development work, and I think it is pretty great. The one problem with it for many non-technical people I work with is that there is no CMS feature, they want a website administration page where they can do the usual. There are some open source headless CMS systems built for Hugo out there, but I have not had the chance to explore them yet and I don’t like throwing a client on new software just to decide I don’t like it in a few months, so I wanted to do something automated, but avoid having to install vscode, git, ssh-keys and etc in order to make simple edits I decided to do something with GitHub actions.

Hugo Snippets

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Get the first of something in a collection

For example the first jpg image in the current directory starting with the word feature.

Content Adaptors

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Content Adaptors come to Hugo!

A long anticipated release has come to the hugo static site generator that will be a real game changer. This is part of release v0.126.0. The new feature, called Content Adaptors allows you to generate static pages in your public directory at build time from a remote resource, such as an api.