Offering comprehensive consulting services including API integration projects, product management, and full stack application development, tailored to solve complex problems and enhance business operations efficiently and effectively.

API Integration projects

Do you have a complex problem that can be solved by pulling data from a wide variety of public and private APIs? Do you need to create a secure and scalable internal or public API? I can help you create the best API integration for the solution you need.

  • Auth0, Okta and AWS, for securing access to your infrastructure
  • Twillio, Sendgrid and Slack for all forms of communications
  • Square and Stripe for all things commerce, e-commerce and in-person.
  • Plaid for banking integration and customer verification
  • postman for testing and automating APIs

These are just a few of the APIs I have worked with in the past, I am open to learning and integrating with any API you have in mind.

Product Management

If you or your business are in the early stage of thinking about creating a digital product and you need help planning from your initial idea through a live production application, then you need a product manager. In the product manager role, I will help plan out all the features you need and ensure your product is complete and well tested.

Full Stack Application development

Do you already have a product you want to refactor, or a fully formed idea you need to implement? I can help with that too.