Open Source

In projects On is the first domain I ever purchased. I believe it was around 2001. It has been various different websites throughout the years, including not a web-site at all. In this rendition it is an organization which is set up to support artists in their technical needs, to free them from the discratction of such things as self-promotion and websites.

Pines Image Gallery With Hugo

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A super simple alpinjs image gallery

The first place I used this is on the recipe page about my mom’s family recipe cookbook

Adding Leaflet to Ryder Theme

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I made this quick and easy shortcode to get started using leaflet.js in the Ryder Theme for Hugo Websites, as I add more features supported by leaflet to the shortcode I might update this page.

The Ryder Theme for Hugo

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In honor of this old guy
In honor of this old guy

Introducing the Ryder theme, a theme for the hugo static website generator. This is an open-source Hugo theme boasting Tailwind CSS, FontAwesome integration, and customizable features. Perfect for beginners and seasoned developers alike, kickstart your website with this versatile theme.